Need to find info on marriage licenses in LA County? Our marriage location in Lynwood handles your big day including licenses and certificates. Traveling to Vegas is also a thing of the past for short notice weddings. This is not the case because we do same day and short notice weddings that include a legal civil marriage license from Los Angeles county. We know for some folks it’s stressful planning a wedding. From Long Beach to Van Nuys and all over Los Angeles County our two locations offer a team of experts to handle venue prep, officiating and issuing marriage licenses. This also will allow couples to focus on the important things of the day. Their love for one another. From start to end we make sure the day is nothing but the best. This is our goal with each ceremony we do.

Marriage Licenses Los Angeles County

Our authorized Los Angeles county officiants issue marriage licenses. Walk into our lovely marriage location in Lynwood as a couple and exit as legally married. Avoid the packed County recorders office that’s also absent of same day services. Our chapels officiate the ceremonies for all beliefs plus same-sex marriages. With mobile wedding officiants, we also come to busy couples to get married at a location of their own. This means planning a beach wedding, backyard ceremony or private ceremony is just a phone call away from scheduling. Either way, we help with each step to make the day a stress free one.

Marriage Licenses Los Angels County

  • Legal civil marriage licenses from Los Angeles County
  • Lynwood ceremony location
  • Marriage certificates issued
  • State and US residency not required
  • No witnesses needed
  • We handle all paperwork
  • Confidential marriage licenses
  • Short notice marriages
  • Mobile wedding officiates

Our mission is to also lend a hand by speeding up the process of getting couples marriage licenses. This compared to using the county clerk’s office. The time it takes to process and get a marriage license is also up to 3 hours long at the county clerk’s office. Once obtained a wedding needs scheduling and plus a return trip to the county clerk. To get married the same day when going only through the channels of the county clerk is impossible. Our marriage officiants issue marriage licenses and do ceremonies on short notice and the same day.  Our team takes the time to guide couples through filling out forms and making sure all documentation is in order.

Located in Los Angeles County, getting married and obtaining marriage licenses is also fast. Our easy to reach Lynwood venue is great or folks looking for marriage locations in the Long Beach area, our location in Lynwood is also great for small intimate gatherings for residents of local area. This venue is great for couples living in Huntington Park, Compton. and Cerritos and South Gate. No need to stress on the big day with our staff on your side.

Don’t waste time with long waits with the county. We speed up the time it takes to get married. At your spot or ours, we’re here to help. For more info on marriage licenses contact our friendly Love Wedding Chapel staff today.